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Initially, CannaThai420 aims to follow the concept of illustrating cannabis lifecycle with its NFT collections, and has planned 5 NFT collections in total.

As the project develops further through time and ambiguity of both NFT industry and ambiguity of Thai cannabis regulations, there will always be new ideas, visions, and challenges. Some we can control and some we must adapt to.

We aim to stick to the NFT collection roadmaps with 5 phases. We value Triple C community voices and proposals, so we may have adjustments throughout the phases. Our top priority is the best experiences for Triple C members.

Seed Plant phase

Seed Plant phase1st Phase | January 2022

Following the launch of CannaThai420, we built the Triple C community and gathered the early supporters. Our activities focused on development of foundation and orchestrating the idea of project. This included the very first set of events such as AMA with Bespoke’s master growers, Special Holder Parties, and marketing kickoffs such as booth at in-real-life cannabis and NFT related events
100% Mint out
AMA with Bespoke’s master grower
CannaThai420 Wine & Bites holders’ party at ABar Rooftop
Revelation of Seed Plant NFT rarities
CannaThai420’s state-of-the-art cannabis lab tour
CannaThai420 Mother Plant Launch party at InterContinental Phuket

Mother Plant phase

Mother Plant phase2nd Phase | July 2022

Triple C community grows significantly yet at this phase with the launch of the 2nd CannaThai420 NFT collection, with more supply bringing in more Triple C members. This phase aligns with the launch of KANA wellness clinic and KANA pure, along with significant marketing push such as exclusive media releases, collaborations, in-real-life events. This also aligns with the broader legalization of cannabis in Thailand.
CannaThai420’s booth at 7th Thailand420 Festival Legalaew?!
Official Live AMAs and collaboration events
Establishing Triple C holder community privileges (On progress)
Launch of KANA Pure dispensary & KANA wellness clinic (Coming Soon)
3rd Holder’s Party with CannaThai420 team (To be announced)
2nd CannaThai420 Lab Tour at Nan, Thailand (To be announced)

Flowering Plant3rd Phase | TBA

The first two phases focused on target audiences in Thailand. However, we have plants to grow internationally and gathering cannabis supporters. Our ecosystem has ample resources to push the two key elements in Thailand: Medicine and Tourism. In this phase, we look to secure long-term partners to co-create solid infrastructures to CannaThai420 web3 spaces and create stable stream of engaging activites such as AMAs and lab tours, or even web2 brand!

Cannabis Flower4th Phase | TBA

CannaThai420 team has an extended roadmap, which the volatility and unpredictability of the cryptocurrecy market conditions may directly influence necessary adjustments in the unforeseeable future. The roadmap includes NFT staking for real-world rewards and extended infrastructure on blockchain and even metaverse. As the team within ecosystem is exploring various new innovation arose from blockchain and smart contracts, we look to establish strong alliances with other projects and teams, all the while strengthing the bond with Triple C members to push the project to its maximum capabilities.

Royal Alpha Family5th Phase | TBA

At this point, we envision a strong brand of CannaThai420 and its ecosystem, and extraordinary passionate community to drive NFT, Cannabis, and Herbal Medicine in Thailand to become a renowned global presence. As unforeseeable as it is, one thing CannaThai420 firmly believes in is the valuable network of NFT and cannabis enthusiasts within the community. With this, CannaThai420 and Triple C can enjoy the spaces we create to the maximum with arms open for all audiences.

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